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Autism & Behavioral Services

Autism Programs & Services

Kidz Therapy Services is dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive services to children with autistic spectrum disorders to help them achieve their maximum personal development both as individuals and learners. We are committed to working in partnership with therapists, families, caregivers, school districts and community members to develop the most effective treatment program for each individual child. Our therapists and educators receive on-going training and clinical supervision to ensure the highest quality of services. Our goal is to maintain a standard of excellence in treatment by providing trained professionals in the field, while keeping the needs of the child and family as our primary concern.

Kidz Therapy Services is dedicated to ensuring a cohesive team approach and the highest quality of services. ABA providers are required to attend in-service trainings to discuss strategies that strengthen and improve the services delivered to families. In addition, Kidz Therapy Services regularly offers workshops and seminars to provide our educators with the most current research and developments in the field.